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For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Selling your own home can save you thousands of dollars. The Law Office of Real Estate Attorney Matthew A Schwartz will guide you through the process to make sure you get the highest value for your home and the best legal advice before, during and after the sale.

Property Transfers

The Law Office of Real Estate Attorney Matthew Schwartz will create, notarize and ensure the proper filing and recording of your deed or affidavit to transfer title to real property. 

Mortgage & Lease Reviews

For many Americans, the largest purchase they will ever make is their home.  The Law Office of Real Estate Attorney Matthew A. Schwartz provides expert legal advice on mortgages to protect and advance your interests.

Probate Avoidance

Having your assets tied up in Probate court becomes a headache for survivors and can be costly and impede the disposal of assets.  The Law Office of Real Estate Attorney Matthew A Schwartz offers a variety of service to avoid the hassle of Probate.

Everyone needs a place to call home

Protect yours with The Law Office of Matthew A Schwartz

For most families a home is the largest investment they will make.  For that reason I take great pride in assisting with the complicated process of transferring, buying or selling real estate.   My clients range from seasoned real estate agents and investors to new home buyers and everyone in between. 

I first started practicing law in Columbus in 2005.  Now, I leverage state of the art technology to provide innovative and effective legal solutions to individuals and businesses anywhere in Ohio. 

With the advent of e-signatures, e-notarization and virtual meetings, many of my clients will never meet me face-to-face and appreciate the convenience technology provides.  

I was born and raised near Youngstown, Ohio and I am a graduate of Kent State University and Capital Law School and am a proud husband and father of two.    

I am always happy to offer a free consultation over the phone or email for any real estate related matter. 

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

by owner doesn't mean you have to do it alone

As the seller, you can pay up to 7% in realtor fees.

FSBO is a great option for many homeowners looking to reduce or eliminate those fees.  but it isn’t necessary to do it alone.  As a Real Estate Lawyer, I can create your contract, provide the legally-required disclosures and review all closing documents.   

If you are looking to sell your home on your own, I am in your corner.  Contact the Law Office of Matthew A. Schwartz BEFORE you list your home.

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Real Estate Transfers

Protect your Real Estate Investments

There are a number of ways and a number of occasions to protect your Real Estate assets:  Transfer on Death Affidavits; Confirmation Affidavits; and a Memorandum of Trust to avoid Probate courts tying up assets.  

You may have need to release Liens, access your real estate for lending purposes and a host of other legal maneuvers with regard to deeds.  

Thew Law Office of Matthew A. Schwartz helps you protect your real estate for passing it on to family, to start a business or assemble a trust.

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