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One of the best parts about practicing Real Estate Law is that I get to work with and meet so many families.  It’s one of the best parts of my job to meet with people looking to buy their first home, sell their home on their own, or review a mortgage or lease before signing.

I first started practicing law in 2005.  I enjoy my ability to provide innovative and effective legal solutions to individuals and businesses across Ohio. 

I started my practice 10 years ago working with titles and deeds and helping homeowners obtain affidavits of transfer to avoid Probate court for their survivors.  

Born and raised near Youngstown, I am a ZIP, a proud graduate of Kent State University and Capital Law School. 

I confess to being a lifetime lover of Cleveland sports and have wicked skills playing corn hole.  I live in Columbus with my wife Traci and our daughter who has a fascination with rainbows.

Supporting your family with professional Real Estate Law services whether that is mortgage or lease reviews, affidavits to avoid probate, setting up LLC’s to acquire real estate or selling your home as the owner, I look forward to helping you with your legal needs.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Don't get burned by absorbitant fees or errors in listings

In a hot real estate market, you might sell your home in a couple of days.  As the seller, you can pay up to 6% in realtor fees that could be as high as $60,000 on a $1million home. For just 40 hours of work.

FSBO is a great option for homeowners to market and sell your own home.  But it requires the guidance of a Real Estate Lawyer to help you write your contract, properly represent the property and avoid any legal hazards surrounding property disclosures.  

If you are looking to sell your home on your own, we are in your corner.  Contact the Law Office of Matthew A. Schwartz BEFORE you list your home.

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Real Estate Transfers

Protect your Real Estate Investments

There are a number of ways and a number of occasions to protect your Real Estate assets:  Transfer on Death Affidavits; Confirmation Affidavits; and a Memorandum of Trust to avoid Probate courts tying up assets.  

You may have need to release Liens, access your real estate for lending purposes and a host of other legal maneuvers with regard to deeds.  

Thew Law Office of Matthew A. Schwartz helps you protect your real estate for passing it on to family, to start a business or assemble a trust.

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